Right, we have a blog

So I guess we’ve kind of been neglecting the blog lately, sorry about that. This is probably mostly because not much has been happening besides wine sales, which keeps us busy but isn’t all that interesting. So don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on much. But that’s all about to change as we go full-steam into the 2013 vintage. I guess it’s the nature of the wine biz: periods of relative calm punctuated by desperate flurries of activity, and we’ve definitely hit one of those flurries.

I honestly didn’t really know what to talk about with this post because so much has happened so quickly; the vineyard is growing and is at that point where it requires a lot of attention (I’m just now sitting down at my computer to write this at 3pm after being out there since 5:00 am), we just had our first blending trial of 2012′s at Red Car (they’re tasting fabulous), and we’re basically sold-out of 2011′s.

But that’s a huge amount of information and I woke up far too early for a Sunday, so instead I’m just going to talk about our Chardonnay. It’s tasting amazing. Seriously, go open a bottle right now. I’ll admit up front that I’m not a huge Chardonnay drinker, and I had my doubts about our Chardonnay right after we bottled it. To me it tasted like it was over-oaked and that the fruit didn’t have a chance to show through. I was afraid we’d be giving away bottles of by this point. Boy, was I wrong. The oak-tannins have softened and morphed into a wonderful caramelized backbone with some honeysuckle notes to it; and before you click this window closed in disgust be assured: I am not trying to sell you on this Chardonnay (I can’t anyway, we’re basically out). If it were crap, I would tell you. I don’t think my two esteemed business partners even know we have a blog, so it’s not like I’d get in trouble. But if you’ve been kind enough to give us some of your hard-earned money for some of our humble Chardonnay, I want you to enjoy it to its fullest. So I’m telling you right now, find where your stored that bottle away and cook up a nice seafood pasta dish and pop that baby open. You won’t be disappointed.
I’ll be back with another post sooner rather than later, I promise. There’s a lot going on to tell you about.